Feb 28th

Air tuning

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We offer you the opportunity to change the interior design of your aircraft. To show the plane was indeed original, our specialists are happy to offer you a range of services: design and functional interior parts, selection of refitting the color material and yarn, beads, embroidery lettering. In the Interior of most often use two, three or more colors (shades), because the expanding color does show more interesting and colorful. Seams with big step and bright thick thread will add a sporting and dynamic design. Small step and threads in colour will give the Interior elegance and accuracy. We offer a full range of Salon skin, change any elements, change to a more luxurious interior, giving individuality and uniqueness.    Tuning Salon is a ver

y popular service today. Here for the creator there is a huge field of action, to which he simply must combine elegant style as much as possible with incredible practicality. Tuning Salon – it's like makeup for individuals, it is kind of Salon first evaluates the person sitting behind the wheel. Leather saloon is one of the types of tuning, which currently has a high popularity.


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