Feb 28th

Ship tuning

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1 Sewing lounge make for changes to the Interior of the yacht, improving comfort, creating a unique shape, select the Yacht Master's identity. Sew up the salon can be any material to your taste. We try to sew up lounge so as not to disturb the harmony of the whole vessel.  We commonly use the skin or zamš manufacturers. The skin is an excellent natural material, which is already firmly entered into our lives. Leather gives unusual sensations of touch, creates a thin soft aroma. Leather-soft material, which in appearance resembles velvet, and attaches to the Salon. This material also has high levels of practicality and the thermal stability and durability, as well as convenient for chemical cleaning.  SIA \"VIGILIA\" which deals with the tuning yachts can offer you not only tailoring the passenger operation, fit you material, but also any furniture, and elements with complex geometry. It may specially emphasize your individuality and will transform the appearance of the yacht.



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