Feb 28th

Car tuning

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Today we successfully work in two main directions:

1) Interior 3 tuning,

2) external tuning and tuning of technical components

External tuning since that time, we have strong relations with many European manufacturers as a widely known in Europe and even a little popular. We offer installation of the full range of tuning products mainly for the European passenger car models, production of prestigious sports cars (sportkara cars-strain GT class) and SUVs. Individual approach to each client, technical competence and professionalism of our managers to satisfy the most demanding customers and gives them the opportunity of this important for every connoisseur tuning process is not what is not restricted. In our technical centre created all conditions for work on the most complex projects in compliance with the necessary technological requirements of manufacturers.    It is also possible to develop individual projects.    Our tûnig Center provides a full range of services on the individualization of car. We have not just \"simple\" sewing and offer complex re-equipment, including finishing details of valuable breeds of a tree or interior karbonom, installation of audio-video systems of any complexity, and more.


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